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Biola Alabi is transforming Africa's Entertainment Industry

Biola Alabi is a leading Nigerian media executive, entrepreneur, investor, and public speaker who has made a significant impact in Africa's media and entertainment industry. Her expertise, passion, and commitment to excellence have made her a respected and influential figure in the industry.

Alabi started her career as a TV producer at M-Net, where she worked on several shows, including "Big Brother Africa" and "Star Gist." She quickly rose through the ranks to become the Head of Entertainment at M-Net, where she oversaw the channel's content strategy across Africa. During her time at M-Net, Alabi was instrumental in launching several successful shows, including "Tinsel" and "Jacob's Cross."

In 2010, Alabi was appointed as the Managing Director of M-Net Africa, where she led the channel's expansion into new markets and oversaw the launch of several new channels, including Africa Magic, the flagship African entertainment channel. Under her leadership, M-Net Africa became one of the most successful media companies in Africa, reaching over 50 million viewers across the continent.

After leaving M-Net in 2015, Alabi founded Biola Alabi Media, a Lagos-based media and consulting company that provides strategic consulting services to clients in the media, entertainment, and technology industries in Africa. Biola Alabi Media also produces original content for television, film, and digital platforms.

Alabi is a passionate advocate for African storytelling and has used her platform to promote the continent's rich culture and history. She has also been vocal about the need to empower African women and youth, and she serves on the board of several organizations that focus on education, healthcare, and entrepreneurship in Africa.

Alabi is a prolific writer and public speaker, sharing her insights on a range of topics, including media, entrepreneurship, and leadership. She has delivered keynote addresses at several international conferences, including the World Economic Forum, the Harvard Africa Business Conference, and the Women in Leadership Economic Forum.

Alabi's contributions to the media and entertainment industry in Africa have earned her numerous awards and recognition, including the Entrepreneur of the Year award at the Women, Inspiration & Enterprise (WIE) Symposium in New York in 2013. She was also named one of the "20 Youngest Power Women in Africa" by Forbes magazine in 2012.

Alabi's expertise, passion, and commitment to excellence have made her a valuable asset to the African media and entertainment industry and will be valuable to the Afropolitan community. Her legacy as a media executive, entrepreneur, investor, writer, and speaker will continue to inspire and influence future generations, making her a true icon in the industry.

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