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Introducing Afropass: The Passport to a Borderless African Future

Dear Afropolitan Citizens,

When we started Afropolitan, it has always been our dream to build a robust digital network that revolutionizes how African and Black diasporic communities around the world gather. Citizens like you have championed our efforts and amplified our work within your networks as we continue to build the first digital nation together.

This week, we will build on this dynamic community by launching Afropass - A VIP passport that immerses you into the world of premium African experiences available with a single download.

Afropass unlocks the economic potential of connecting the African diaspora and continent, bridging the $1.5 trillion African American economy with the $2 trillion African economy. Afropass is the passport to prosperity without borders.

With a vision to help people "Live Beyond Borders," Afropass is built to realize our greatest aspiration of connecting the diaspora to the vibrant pulse of Africa. With grace and ease, it facilitates seamless travel, events, payments, and partnerships across borders. 

At its heart, Afropass builds community through cultural exchange, fostering a network of Afropolitans dedicated to our continent’s future.

Like Dubai emerged as a global hub, Afropass showcases the best of African culture while empowering members with robust digital infrastructure. It lays the foundation for our digital nation. As we draw inspiration from Dubai's story, we too focus on leveraging our soft power—our culture, our music, our art—to attract, to build, and to grow.

Afropass is our digital destination, our Burj Khalifa in the realm of possibility, standing tall as a beacon of what we can and will achieve together.

As founding citizens on this journey, I am thrilled to offer you early access to Afropass before our launch this Sunday, November 12th. You will be the first to unlock exclusive events, offers, and experiences.

With early access to the Rema concert in Lagos, or find premium music and culinary experiences across the diaspora far after Detty December, Afropass unlocks your access to the best of African culture.

Your early adoption will shape Afropass. Your passion and insight will elevate Afropolitan to a global force for the diaspora.

As a nation of builders, let's celebrate the full tapestry of African culture and build the next chapter together.

Afropass is just the beginning. The most profound impact of our digital nation lies ahead.


Eche Emole
Co-Founder of Afropolitan

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