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Unlocking the Power of Access: How Zuzalu Empowered Afropolitans to Rewrite the Narrative

Listening to God Did with DJ Khaled (Jay Z's verse), I couldn't help but reflect on the importance of access for Africans globally.

For far too long, we have been the last to arrive at the party, left with nothing but crumbs. It's time to change that narrative. We need to be in the right rooms, front and center when decisions are being made that shape our future and destiny.

As my friend Vusi Thembekwayo often reminds us, "every region in the world has had a plan for Africa. Africa has never had a plan for the world. For the longest time, the world has happened to Africa. For the longest time, the future has happened to Africa. We don't have a plan for the future."

The decisions about Africa are being made on global stages where Africans are rarely present. This realization hit home when I stumbled upon an old family record of my grandfather, Nnanna Kalu. He was not only a successful businessman but also served as a politician in the House of Representatives for Imo State, Nigeria.

Curiosity led me to ask my uncle why my accomplished grandfather would venture into politics. He shared my grandfather's words, "I cannot sit in my office while uninformed politicians determine my fate. I need a seat at the table to influence decisions that impact my business, my community, and my family."

This story resonated deeply because it underscores the importance of access and having a voice in the right rooms where crucial decisions are being made. Too often, as Africans, we arrive late to the party, discovering that our destiny has already been determined. At Afropolitan, we are determined to rewrite this narrative.

Recently, Afropolitan had the incredible honor of being invited to Zuzalu by Vitalik Buterin. The Zuzalu experiment was a two-month pop-up city in Montenegro, bringing together the brightest minds in frontier sectors like Artificial Intelligence, Zero-Knowledge Cryptography, Longevity, Crypto, and more. Zuzalu provided a platform for Afropolitans to share their stories, connect with potential investors and partners, and engage with the visionaries shaping the future.

Afropolitans with Vitalik Buterin

Being at Zuzalu placed Afropolitans front and center with the innovators of tomorrow. We had the privilege of connecting with some of the brightest minds on the planet, and the ripple effect of those interactions is immeasurable.

During the event, my co-founder Chika Uwazie participated in a panel discussion alongside Daniel Yu of Wasoko, exploring the untapped talent in the continent. Balaji Srinivasan presented a thought-provoking session on The Fiat Battle, the Digital Crisis, and the Network State. Personally, I had the honor of presenting the Afropolitan Network State to an attentive audience.

Beyond the knowledge-sharing sessions, we formed meaningful connections with individuals like Emad Mostaque of Stability AI, who offered invaluable insights into the future of AI.

Afropolitans with Emad Mostaque of Stability AI.

Talented artists like Grimes and Aloe Blacc took the stage, captivating us with their soulful tunes and electrifying performances. Equally important, Zuzalu allowed us to fellowship with fellow Afropolitans, some of whom we met for the first time while others were cherished old friends.

Afropolitans in front of the Chedi Hotel

At Afropolitan, we are on a mission to reshape the narrative about Africa and Africans globally. Access is our key to participating in the decisions that shape our future. We refuse to accept the cards that life has dealt us. Instead, we are determined to secure a seat at the table and influence the discussions that will define our destiny.

We believe that Afropolitans deserve a seat at the table and are committed to providing them with the access they need to succeed.

Afropolitans on a Boat Party hosted by ThreeFold

We are doing this by:

We believe that access is key to empowerment. When Africans have access to the resources and opportunities they need, they can achieve great things. We are committed to providing Africans with the access they need to succeed.

We are Afropolitan, and we are here to change the narrative.

Afropolitans in Lustica Bay, Montenegro

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