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Changing Lives Through Chess With Tunde Onakoya (Founder of Chess In Slums Africa)

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Quote: “This frail body will house the greatest spirit humanity will ever know.”

The Afropolitan Podcast showcases Afropolitans who boldly step into the unknown and pursue their purpose. Through this podcast, we aim to empower Africans in the diaspora to reach their full potential and contribute to a dynamic and progressive black community.

In this episode, we talk with Tunde Onakoya, the Founder of Chess In Slums Africa, a non-profit organization that uses chess to educate and empower underprivileged children to rise above their circumstances. Tunde earned a National Diploma in Computer Science from Yaba College of Technology and founded Chess in Slums Africa with the goal of using chess as a tool to educate and help children out of poverty.

Tunde is passionate about leveling the playing field and has set a goal to educate 1 million children in slum communities within 5 years. Join us as Tunde shares his journey with Chess In Slums Africa and his efforts to address the inequality in society.

Tunde’s Reading List:

  1. Philosophy for Life and Other Dangerous Situations: Ancient Philosophy for Modern Problems by Jules Evans -
  2. The Prosperity Paradox: How Innovation Can Lift Nations Out of Poverty by Clayton M. Christensen, Efosa Ojomo, Karen Dillon -
  3. Self-Discipline through Ikigai and Kaizen (Longevity and Happiness at Hand) by Mark Morimoto -
  4. Manifesto for a Moral Revolution by Jacqueline Novogratz -

Show Notes:

1:29 - Discovering the game of chess and his background
4:31 - Creating Chess In Slums Africa and its mission
9:07 - Impact on children in slums and communities
11:28 - Inspiring story of Ferdinand with cerebral palsy winning the chess tournament in Makoko
14:17 - Partnership with to further spread the message and reach more communities
16:10 - Finding purpose and fulfillment through Chess In Slums Africa
19:42 - Linking fulfilling potential to the mission of Chess In Slums Africa
22:43 - Books that have profoundly impacted Tunde's life
25:24 - Future plans for the organization and ways to get involved and show support
27:28 - Hypothetical title of a book about Tunde's life
28:13 - Tunde’s perspective on what it means to be Afropolitan

The Afropolitan Podcast is hosted by Eche Emole, co-founder of Afropolitan. Listen and subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Jamit, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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