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Changing The Fashion Industry Through Tech With Ibi Cookey (Co-Founder of Fitted)

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Show Notes

Quote: “Afropolitan means remembering who we were in the last thousand years at scale”

The Afropolitan Podcast highlights Afropolitans who embrace the unknown and walk with purpose. Through this podcast, we aim to empower Africans in the Diaspora to maximize their potential and contribute to the development of a vibrant and progressive black community.

In this episode, we chat with Ibi Cookey, Co-Founder of Fitted, a fashion-tech company revolutionizing scalable custom fashion. Ibi, an international business management graduate and former investment banker, is passionate about simplifying the custom fashion supply chain for all stakeholders.

Join us as Ibi discusses his journey from investment banking to tech, the role of Fitted in the supply chain ecosystem, and the challenges and insights he has gained from fundraising.

Show Notes:

1:10 Transition from investment banking to tech: background and experience
3:33 Lessons learned from private equity and its role in the tech industry
4:46 Founding Fitted and its mission
6:22 Solving measurement challenges in the fashion industry through Fitted
8:18 Utilizing data to tackle international measurement challenges at scale
11:11 Fitted’s impact on the supply chain ecosystem
13:47 Overcoming fundraising challenges and insights gained
18:11 First encounter with failure and lessons learned
19:56 Hypothetical title of a book about Ibi’s life
21:53 Ibi’s perspective on what it means to be Afropolitan

The Afropolitan Podcast is hosted by Eche Emole, co-founder of Afropolitan. Listen and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Jamit, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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